Rant about Referees

– How in the world did we end up with Mountain West officials for the game Saturday? Why isn’t there a rule that keeps that from happening? If there is a game between a Big 12 team and Mountain West team there should be an You suck!officiating crew from another conference doing the game. I sure hope this gets changed in the near future.

I knew after watching the opening kickoff that we were going to get screwed by this group of officials. An Iowa State player had a beat on Eric Wright deep in Rebel territory when he was blatantly pulled down by his jersey from behind. Wright ended up returning the kickoff 54 yards to the ISU 45 yard line.

Here are some other ways the officials helped the Rebels. All of our spots were marked a half yard short and UNLV’s were marked a half yard ahead. There were two blatant pass interference penalties that weren’t called that happened right in front of the officials. We graze a facemask on defense, 15 yard penalty, a Rebel pulls down our player by the facemask, 5 yards. The UNLV RB was in motion before the play started about a half dozen times and it was never called. I am sure there are more, but these are off of the top of my head.

I sincerely hope that there isn’t a Big 10 or Big 12 crew doing the game this week. I want the best team to win, no matter who that is.

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  1. - <![CDATA[ Ryan

    During the regular season (not bowl games) the visiting team gets their conference officials for the game. In other words, Big XII officials will be doing the game in Iowa City on Saturday. The Big XII does have some of the better refs in the country and maybe after watching the UNLV game, Cyclone Nation will realize that we are use to a little bit better than the Mountain West.

  2. - <![CDATA[ Tim Fitzstein

    Hey Fullerburg… I heard you got kicked out of the game because you chased down a ref. Nice work! Email me. Fitz cyzfitz@yahoo.com

  3. - <![CDATA[ isuisu

    Hey Fitzstein. How ya doin? Yeah, I was a bit irate on the Jon Davis fade non pass interference call. If that was the only bad call / non-call I may not have been quite as upset, but damn they were bad. Here is a link to the picture I took of the
    Jon Davis non call
    . I snapped the photo then looked up to see the guy tearing Davis’ shirt off…I looked to my left where there was a ref standing three feet away from me – with the same exact view that I had (and saw the same thing) and did nothing. I was initially like – “you have got to be kidding me you’re not going to call that. you’re going to tell me that was not p.i.” and it went from there. I’ll be posting an article here in the blog about some of the other calls and one spot the refs totally blew (or intentionally blew) that I have pictures of too. Nice! Well, glad to see you stop by the site…tell everybody to check it out. Later Fitz.

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