“I watched the tape and I saw a hold.”

In Monday’s Des Moines register Missouri head coach Gary (Tinkel) Pinkel was quoted as saying “I just got a call from the (Big 12) conference office and Walt Anderson. He said that they clearly made a mistake on that play where (quarterback) Chase Daniel scored. He said to me, ‘We blew it.’ ”

He was referring to the 2 yard touchdown run that put the Tigers up 22-21 with 20 seconds left in the game this past Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium. Pinkel was visibly upset after offensive lineman Myron Wyrick was called for a holding penalty which nullified the TD. “I’ve been coaching 30 years, and I’ve never seen an offensive holding call inside the 2-yard line on a run play,” Pinkel said after the game.

What’s that? In 30 years of coaching you’ve never seen what? Well open your eyes and get a load of this…

Missouri's Wyrick hold Iowa State's McKenzie

“I watched the same tape,” McCarney said. “If an offensive lineman impedes the progress of a defender from making a play . . . I think it was a good call. It wasn’t like: ‘Here, let’s take care of Mac after 12 years in the Big 12.’”

“Holding is holding, grabbing is grabbing regardless where you are on the field. I watched the tape and I saw a hold.”

Well, I took the picture and I saw a hold too Mac. I’m not sure why the Big 12 office feels they need to apologize for apparently ‘blowing it’, when they didn’t. Maybe it saves them time if they just apologize for the calls they get right.

Later all!


5 responses to ““I watched the tape and I saw a hold.””

  1. - <![CDATA[ Dan

    send your picture to the big 12 office please.

  2. - <![CDATA[ Dan

    Is there anyway that Cyclone fans can buy a picture of this and send it to the big 12 office and get an explanation for why this isn’t holding.

  3. - <![CDATA[ El Oso

    Excellent work Bradford.

  4. - <![CDATA[ Garrett Williams

    good work… Big 12 officials just love dragging ISU through the dirt, its almost like they wanted to say hey, here you go for once.. but we still hate you.. send that to Gary Pinkels office too… they talked about it way too much today in the KU vs MU game.. Pinkel “we had a game taken away from us last week, so to win like this feels good” send it to him and the big 12, and frame it for Mac

  5. - <![CDATA[ sizzle

    gary pinkel is a punk coach. mac is better than him anyday. the cyclones went out and beat missouri that day, they didnt steal a win. Mizzou should have come ready to play rather than under-estimating an less-than average opponent this year

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